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Go beyond phone calling, emails and disconnected software for a platform that puts all your tenant and vendor information in one easy place.

FacilityHubTM Features


Post Facility Updates for Tenants
Manage Service Requests
Track Facility Data & Best Practices


Respond to Service Requests
Submit Online Bids & Training
Posts Alerts & Service Information


Get Facility Updates & Training
Posts Events & Offerings
Post Online Service Requests


Follow Portfolio Activity
Communicate with Managers
Consolidate Information for Multiple Facilities
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Whether you manage one building or five thousand,
FacilityHubTM gives you the flexibility to connect all your people and platforms.

Create private “Hubs” to invite tenants, occupants and/or employees to join for easy communication.


Create multiple “Boards” for various topics with different levels of viewing access.

Your Hub can be linked to the Hubs of tenant companies to reach occupants you don't see directly.


Tenants can get updates, share info and submit service requests online and via mobile apps.

Vendors and contractors can create their own Hubs so you can easily manage vendors, bids and maintenance.


Our API allows you and outside contractors to connect more specialized applications and software to your Hub.

FacilityHubTM is FREE to get started.

Upgrade later to one of our premium plans.

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